Our Faculty

  • Chris Desanctis

    Head of school

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  • Melissa Delprete

    Director of Education: Pre-K -  8th grade

  • melanie swartout

    UPK Director of education and 7th grade Ela

  • gabrielle testa

    pre-k lead teacher

  • Christie Imbemba

    UPk lead teacher

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  • Christina syvertson

    UPK Teacher aide

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  • Sherill Abraham

    kindergarten Lead teacher

  • diane esposito

    First grade lead teacher

  • John Falcone

    second grade lead teacher

  • Milena Policarpo

    third Grade Lead teacher and Elementary chaplain

  • natalie svendsen

    fourth grade lead teacher

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  • Joanne miller

    fifth grade lead teacher

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  • rachel fung

    Middle School english language arts, math, & science

  • dorian cseko

    Physical education aide

  • jessica stagno

    Director of finance, middle school social studies

  • christopher flynn

    middle school bible & chapel

  • Pia pozo

    Spanish instructor

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  • melissa fay

    computer teacher

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  • stacey bacenet

    administrative assistant to the Head of school

  • Jesus Rivera

    School Security

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  • jeanne goll

    school nurse

  • Jean Anderson

    Art Teacher and kindergarten aide

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