our mission

Gateway Academy partners with parents to equip children with exceptional knowledge in academic subjects, the arts, and culture, through the truths of Christianity and a Biblical Worldview, to serve and glorify God. 

Our Vision

At Gateway Academy, we view each child as possessing great gifts and passions in order to use, to enjoy, and to enrich other people's lives with. Our goal is to help children realize their full potential. 

The dream of each child is personal - to become that artist, lawyer, nurse, teacher, physicist, and pilot - already visualized their mind. Our responsibility is to provide the best possible launch pad for that dream to become a reality. 

This responsibility we take very seriously.

our method

We provide the ideal environment for transforming every one of our students into success stories! Our exceptional school is among the finest in the region and has achieved that status through:

  • Challenging curriculum and overall academic experience
  • Experienced and passionate administrative and teaching teams
  • Impacting Christian worldview integration
  • Effective collaboration between school staff and families
  • Safe learning environment on 17-acre campus; first-rate facilities

Gateway Academy's traditional academic approach, state of the art technology, and its warm and nurturing environment enable children to thrive. GA's environment is geared toward meeting the need of each individual child and is a key element in our exceptional place in the world of private school education.