message from our head of school

Christopher DeSanctis

Serving as the Head of School at Gateway Academy (GA) has been an extraordinary journey, one that continues to leave a lasting impression on me. Having personally experienced private interdenominational schools from elementary through higher education, I can affirm the profound impact institutions like GA can have on the formative years of young individuals, shaping their worldview, interests, and character.


The significance of education extends beyond the confines of a mere diploma; it lies in the preparation of students for their imminent engagement with the world. At GA, we inspire students to grow through a holistic approach, emphasizing academic excellence, character development, and the integration of a Christian perspective. This threefold focus, which impacts both the "head" and "heart" of our students, distinguishes GA as an exceptional educational institution.


Established in 1994 by Gateway Church, Gateway Academy collaborates with parents to deliver an education that recognizes the unique gifts inherent in each student. We believe in nurturing these gifts to empower students for lifelong success.


Thank you for exploring our website, and we invite you to schedule a personal tour of GA. Let's connect and discuss how GA can be the perfect fit for your child’s educational journey by calling 718-966-8695 ext. 140.

Together We Serve,

Christopher DeSanctis

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