Distinguished Leadership Forum


Gateway Academy’s Distinguished Leadership Forum provides all those in the New York Metropolitan Area an opportunity to hear from individuals that are impacting culture with a Christian worldview focus through academia, government, media, the arts, business and sports.


Past Speakers


Dr. Joel Heck (10.12.2018): Professor of Theology at Concordia University in TX. Dr. Heck has written over 30 published articles and 3 books on the life of C.S. Lewis. His latest book is titled, From Atheism to Christianity: The Story of C.S. Lewis. Dr. Heck received the Clyde S. Kilby Research Grant from the prestigious Wade Center, in Wheaton, Illinois, for his book: Irrigating Deserts: C.S. Lewis on Education

Harry Flaherty (12.14.2017): Former Dallas Cowboy's Middle Linebacker. Brother in-law of the Cowboy’s current Head Coach. Current President of New Jersey's Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


William Green (9.18.2017): Former Boston College All-American and Cleveland Browns first round draft pick. Current speaker with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  


Dr. K. Alan Snyder (10.15.2016): Professor of History at Southeastern University in FL. Former Professor at Regent University’s Robertson School of Government in VA. Author of five books, including America Discovers C. S. Lewis: His Profound Impact. Dr. Snyder’s blog is titled Pondering Principles: Reflections on God, Man, and Life