our mission

Gateway Academy strives to assist parents in equipping children with unparalleled knowledge in academics, the arts, and culture, through the Truths of Christianity, to glorify God.

Our Vision

We view each student as being born with great gifts and passions in order to use, to enjoy and to enrich other people's lives with. Based on this our goal is to help students realize their full potential. 

Those gifts and passions may lead a student to become an artist, lawyer, nurse, teacher, physicist, or pilot, for example. Our responsibility is to provide the best possible launch pad for that dream to become a reality. 

This responsibility we take very seriously.

our method

Gateway Academy provides an ideal environment for transforming our student's goals into a reality. We do this through:

  • Rigorous academics
  • Experienced and relational teaching staff
  • Impacting Christian worldview integration
  • Effective collaboration between staff and parents
  • Safe learning environment on 17-acre campus

GA's traditional academic approach, state of the art technology and its nurturing environment enable students to thrive.